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The Layman’S Guide to Marketing.

Let’s Start From understanding The Basics of Marketing:

What is the actual explanation of this marketing term?

Marketing means to educate the people on your benefits, features, and why they should buy your product or service, motivate the audience to get interested in your product, Marketing means to create value, It’s an art of driving profitable customer.

Marketing encompasses the strategies and tactics companies use to promote their products and services to consumers.

At first, we have to understand the fundamentals of marketing. Then it will be better for us to move on to the format of marketing and strategies for marketing. Most of us from the beginning broadly select our focus on the marketing activities, we think in a way that if we become master to run Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO then we will become successful in digital marketing, we will be called as a successful digital marketer, however, I am sorry to say that  this perception of us is completely wrong . To be a successful marketer we should have a deep knowledge about  fundamentals of marketing. We should learn what is the core concept of marketing. Following marketing activities from the beginning, learning digital techniques these will not clear our fundamentals about marketing and without knowing the fundamentals, it will be like half knowledge is dangerous.
Marketing is purely based on science, not on creativity, coming up with the great advertisement idea, run the wonderful ads is not everything of marketing. we all think that marketing is needed only for an existing product or service, but in reality, marketing takes place before the creation of a product. A business becomes successful, only through customer satisfaction.  If the product is helpful for the customer, if it’s fit customer need, then automatically selling of product will start. If the products itself do not have the power to drive potential a customer, then even after doing multiple marketing, showing great ads, there will be nothing as a positive result.
 That’s why marketing is based on science, not just only on creativity. Science to understand customers need and creating the products as per their needs. Timing is also a vital factor in marketing, Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time, Marketing is about selecting the target customer and aware them about the product, if we fail to select the right person, then the marketing would not be effective, marketing of agriculture products can be suitable for the person who love farming, not to the person who loves cycling.

Marketing is beyond selling this is what we should understand. Selling should not be the ultimate goal of marketing. We should rather focus on winning the customer. Winning in a way that a customer who purchases a product for the first time remains our customer for his/her whole life. And it will happen by building the trust of the customer when the trust of a customer will be built on a company, then the customer always feels confident and secure in buying the next products.

And We should build the trust of lots of people, we should build the trust massively.

building the “Mass trust ” will help us in  keep our existing customer.

Creating great advertisement, writing a persuade sells copy, building wonderful email list these are all components of marketing, These are all process of marketing. We think that these individual activities itself are marketing, no, it’s not, actually  marketing  is a concept which encompasses all of these marketing components.

Why is there a need of marketing for a business?

We got the introduction of marketing, but what is the intention of doing marketing  for a business?

Marketing helps businesses to reach to the target customers, to increase the customer base, It allows potential customers to learn about the businesses, services, brands. A company may have a great product or service but until the people can know about the products or services, there will be no use of the created products.

Let’s understand it through an example,
Before Apple brought the iPhone in the market, there were many smartphones available of others elite companies, Nokia was one of the dominant players of smartphones market then, but Apple brought something unique in their iPhone, the phone with touchscreen feature, And they did very thorough marketing for it, they tell people what other features they have in their phone, they showed the people the demos of new features which make iPhone different from other phones, they ran competitive ads on television, most importantly Apple showed people how their product is different from others?. And for this marketing, the potential customer felt interested to the iPhone, they were able to justify the difference. If Apple didn’t do the marketing of the product in these effective ways people couldn’t able to understand the difference, they thought it as same as other smartphones and preferred to go with the market leader, not to the company who just entered into the market.

However, Every marketing should have a goal to achieve. After successfully achieving the goal, marketing should be stopped, marketing for particular products or services should not be continued forever.

Digital Marketing

Let’s talk about digital marketing, what’s is this stand for? If you split these two words then one we see that one is digital and the other is marketing, And here the primary word is marketing, everything is lies around marketing, so, what is digital actually? Digital is a kind of format that is based on the world of the internet.
Hence, When we do digital marketing we primarily do the marketing but the marketing is on the world of web. Every activity of marketing is based on the internet.

Why digital marketing is so successful nowadays?

Firstly we should know that the fundamental thing of marketing is connecting to the people, And if we focus on the fact that how many people use the internet in the world, then according to a report of Statista, as of July 2020, 4.57 billion people were active internet user, which is 59 percent of the global population, We can visualize that there are lots of people on the internet, so, if we precisely target this online zone then it will be very easy to reach out to the people, effectively possible to introduce the businesses, products, services, brands, etc.
Most of the people nowadays can be found scrolling over the internet, accessibility of the internet became very easy, Hence, lots of people use the internet for several hours every day. Doing marketing through the digital medium is just a taking this as an opportunity of reaching to the people.

How many methods are available for marketing?
There are two forms of marketing, one is online marketing, and the other is offline marketing.
We earlier see that the online form of marketing is called digital marketing, now, the other form of marketing offline marketing, which is called traditional marketing.

Why is it labeled as traditional though?
Traditional marketing has been on this earth since when there was no intention of the web, there was no such thing as the internet, no one heard the term online, It is right to say that the internet was not there, but the marketing was always there. Businesses was able to do their marketing at that time also, specifically said, at that time  businesses used to do their marketing through traditional marketing method. So, the traditional marketing method is used even without the internet, without the help of digital. Most traditional marketing activities are printing ads, billboards, showing ads on hoarding, showing ads on television.
I always remind the days when a new Cricket series was broadcasted on television and at break time various type of new ads of Pepsi, Fevicol (A brand of adhesives) and many others ad was shown and those ads always entertained me. As a kid, it was entertaining for me but the companies who were showing those ads their intention was  to attract customers. Right?
Do you notice the impact of those television ads in our memory? Yes, It’s one of the traditional methods of marketing that can stay in our minds for a very long time.

Both traditional and nontraditional marketing has advantages and disadvantages. A business can benefit from integrating both  marketing methods to market their products.

Integrated digital marketing

Integrated digital marketing is, as the title describes, it is the summation of multiple types of different marketing strategies. It is a process to follow in which without using each marketing strategy individually, all the marketing strategies are put together to get an impactful results.
If we use each marketing strategy separately for a business then following this process may have a chance that some activity might give us positive results, some might not, but when all the marketing strategies are used in an integrated way the chances of success increase. Digital marketing consists of various activities, As,
Email marketing
Social Media marketing
Content marketing
Paid advertisement
selling and conversion
to implement an integrated digital approach we have to use all of these through the combined marketing campaign.
It leads to increasing sales revenue, increasing website traffic, improving brand awareness, and thereby generating revenue for further expansion.


Your brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you.

Building a strong brand –
You need to go ahead and become no.1 in a particular category.
(Some theories should be followed to build a strong brand)
The first footstep of building a strong brand starts from choosing a category, in which category you want to push yourself to no.1 place. Able to decide the category choosing. Knowing where you have the strength to compete And become the leader in that category means that you have
achieved 50% success in building a strong brand. Think about Google it’s built the lead in the search engine when we think anything to search about on the internet Google comes to our mind. 
Same way, Facebook built the lead in social networking,
And when we think about
making a datasheet, doing the financial calculation on the computer, excel comes to our mind.
Microsoft has built its leadership in that zone. Google, Facebook, Microsoft don’t require to do marketing on these services further, because they already achieved their leadership in
these categories.
Try to become a leader in a subcategory rather than trying to become the leader in the category. It is nearly
impossible to be a leader in the whole category. For the Digital marketing field chose a subcategory, like ‘SEO, SMM, affiliate marketing, and be a leader in one of these sub-categories.

Let’s take an example of digital Deepak, He is a renowned name in the digital marketing industry, he is a NO.1 DIGITAL MARKETER IN INDIA. He chose the category Digital marketing and selected the
subcategory that is India, that’s why I put it in Capital that is the no.1 digital marketer in India, there are many great digital marketers in the world, however, when he started it was easy to compete in
India, he selected his sub-category with intelligence. The result of that is in front of us.

I would like to end this article by introducing a wonderful scientific marketing funnel.

CATT ( A Funnel of Marketing)

CATT is a marketing Funnels that helps to build the mass trust of customers.
A CATT formwork is based on the formula as
Where (n) Niche – choosing the right niche for every individual is very important to be sustainable. We should choose our niche according to our interest if one chooses a niche by following others interest because they are successful in their niche, and he has no interest or eagerness on that subject  then it is impossible to sustain for him on that niche.

(C) Content – Always remember that content is the king, create useful content to attract people from the selected niche.
Create content through the blog post, video, etc.

(A) Attention – Drive Attention for the created content by following many channels, through the channel of SEO, social media, paid ads etc.

(T) TRUST: Build trust with your audience without building the trust buying attempt will not be
shown from the customer.

(T) Transaction: Convert your leads into customers, make the process applied earlier into
getting results, through making sales. Persuade the leads to make Transactions, and
you can persuade them through different channels like sales page, webinars, a sales video, etc.

Finishing Touch

We cover a lot of topics in this article on what is fundamentals of marketing?  how to develop a basic marketing strategy and so on.  I hope this written post will simplify your understanding on marketing. However, As generations evolve and technology develops, the advancement in the field of marketing and advertisements has been countless. No longer are businesses limit by the limitations of old marketing techniques. The old one will be replaced by the new one. Hence, always be eager to learn, Be a constant learner, Evolve your knowledge.

This article is part of an assignment of Digital Deepak Internship Program, Thank You Deepak sir for teaching us this challenging and practical way.


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