A genuine review of Digital Deepak Internship Program

Does the term Digital marketing always make you interested to learn more about this topic?

Are you always interested to learn about digital marketing like me?

Do you always keep yourself busy in finding a great course on digital marketing which will give you a proper understanding of how things work in digital marketing?

If all the above answers are yes, then I can say that I was also one of you. And I can help you to get out from finding the various courses, getting confused between many different courses to actual learning and implementing your learning.

To learn anything effectively you need to get out from the tutorial hell and start using in practice what you have learned. If you think learning all the theory at once will make you a master digital marketer then you would be wrong. To get the real work experience you need to make your hands dirty.

It would be better to select a good course rather than buying many courses and never finish a single one. Just select a good course then learn from it and then use your learning practically.

But, then the question comes how to know which is a good course and which is not? Here previous students’ reviews can help you to differentiate between a good course and a bad course. Because they are an actual user of that particular course, they enrolled in the course and experienced it.

And in this article, I am going to write a review on Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) to share my views with you about the course.

I am Syed Golam, a freelance digital marketer and web developer, one of the interns of Digital Deepak Internship Program from Batch5.

Before jumping directly into the review of the course let’s know a bit about the creator of the course.


Creator of the course:

  The internship program is created by Deepak Kanakaraju also known as Digital Deepak. Deepak kanakaraju is a renowned name in the digital marketing field, He has more than 10 years experience in digital marketing, He is a blogger, a book author, a digital marketing trainer. He is also co-founder of the company PixelTrack Digital which is a digital marketing company. He has written a book named  Edge of Sanity: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur without Losing Your Sanity. He is also a TEDx speaker, He Previously worked as a digital marketer in companies like Razorpay, Instamojo, Practo and MoEngage and many others. You can know more about him by googling about him. Google also listed him recently in their knowledge panel.

So, After knowing about him we can say that he has gained a lot of experience in his more than 10years journey to teach and mentor us on how to be successful in the digital marketing field.


Now let’s understand how this particular course is structured :

The Digital Deepak Internship Program in short DDIP is a sixteen-week program. For every week there will be three sections which will be provided to you.

Number1.  An in-depth tutorial video on a certain topic.

Number 2: An Assignment explanation video.

Number 3: An assignment related to the lesson has been taught. This assignment is for the enrollee to complete.

Bonus Point:  In this program, every enrollee will be assigned to complete an assignment related to the topic has been taught in that particular week. And on completing the given assignment a certain amount of money is refunded to each enrollee account. And during the course length if an enrollee can complete every assignment given in each week he will get the refund of the full course fee. Awesome Right ??  This is an opportunity of learning the whole 16-week course for free from an experienced trainer like Deepak Kanakaraju.

What can you learn from this course?

First, discuss what you will learn topic wise.

During this sixteen-week, You will learn from this course are the following:

Topic Wise

  •       Success Mindset – How to build a mindset to achieve success.
  •       Marketing Fundamentals – A clear understanding of the core fundamentals of marketing.
  •       Niche selection – Discovering a profitable niche.
  •       WordPress – Conceptual discussion on Domain and Hosting, discussion on different types of DNS, Installing WordPress, Getting familiar with WordPress dashboard, learn to do various important WordPress settings, Creating your WordPress blog.
  •       Content marketing – What is the meaning of content marketing? Processes of content marketing.
  •       Social media and network mastery – How to use social media as a tool for building community.
  •       Lead generation and Email marketing – What is a lead generation and how to generate leads, Importance of email marketing in generating leads.
  •       Facebook Ads – You will know all the details to master in Facebook ads
  •       Google Ads – You will know all the details to master Google ads
  •       Search Engine Optimization – What does SEO mean? Different methods of doing SEO, implementing SEO on your blog.
  •       Marketing Automation – Automate the marketing process by using different marketing tools.
  •       Sales – How to use all the above learning to make sales and become profitable?


So far we have discussed what you will learn as topic wise, If I convert these topics in Concept wise then it will be much clearer to you to understand.

So let’s see in concept-wise OK?

Concept-wise You will learn –

ü  Choosing a niche according to your interest. Why is your interest in the subject very important in choosing a niche?

ü  How to create content on the niche which you have chosen? What steps should be followed for creating content?

ü  How to build a tribe? Here tribe means your private tribe. Why does building your private tribe matter to be successful in anything?

ü  How to drive traffic? What does driving traffic means?

ü  How to measure your traffic by setting up Google Analytics and Search Console?

ü  Capturing the traffic. How can you successfully hold your traffic in your tribe? 

ü  How to build the trust of your target audience by doing deep marketing?

ü  Then you will learn how to transact.


So, till now we have discussed the course structure and Who is behind this course.

But, What makes this course so unique? If we search in google by typing Digital marketing course then countless courses will float before our eyes in search results. Then, how is this Digital Deepak internship program different from all other countless courses?

And as an intern of this course in an answer to this question, I can tell you that in bold that YES THIS COURSE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHER COURSES.

Because this course will always push you to take action. This course takes the responsibility to turn you from an ineffective learner to an action taker. And It is the central quality of this course.

In this course, the creator doesn’t leave you after providing some recorded tutorial videos on digital marketing and Some pdf files for future reference.

Rather In this course, it is always taken care of that after enrolling in the course the interns become successful in getting positive results according to their goal.

There is an article on Deepak Kanakarju’S blog digitaldeepak.com written by him https://digitaldeepak.com/digital-marketing-expert/

On how to be a self-made digital marketing expert? that how your practice on your learning can provide you with better results than an MBA course.

Although, You can be skillful at digital marketing by yourselves, however, proper guidance from an experienced mentor always plays an important role to get the training organized and to get you to your destination.

Many students begin their journey of learning on their own but lost their track in the middle of the journey due to the lack of proper guidance and never able to achieve their goal.

And now you will get the guide from the same human being who believes himself that how important is it to take action for getting success in anything? Then what is your common sense telling you that what can be the motive of the creator of creating this Specific Digital Deepak Internship Program?

To show you how to take action Right? Right.

And there is no doubt in that.


[ Note: When I was discussing how this course is structured then I had told you that there will be three sections every week, but, I missed an important thing to tell you, that during the whole course length there will be a mentor to provide you mentorship, to help you in clarifying your doubts if you have any from the main lesson if you are facing difficulty to understand any particular topic then he/she will make sure to make it understandable for you, to guide you on how to complete the given assignment and submit it ]  Sounds Interesting!!

Yes, there will be many interesting things in this course, you will understand it when you experience it yourselves when you will be familiar with the course when you move ahead along with the course you will feel it better.

This whole curriculum will be an interesting gift for you, I am genuinely saying it without any bluff.


Guidelines to get a certain amount back each week for completing your assignment.

In this course, you will have the possibility to reduce the course fees each week after submitting your completed assignment.

If you ask how reliable is this unique initiative taken by Digital Deepak? Then I can tell you that Digital Deepak is very determined in keeping his promise and efficient to give you the refund amount on completing the assignment.

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to complete your assignment. Which matters most that you have taken the action or not, are you ready to be an action taker or not? And have you done exactly what you are instructed to do?

So, Cheer up!! Don’t be nervous, In Digital Deepak’S tribe, you won’t find anything unethical.

Deepak Kanakarju always says while promoting the course that his primary intention is not to make the money from this particular course rather turn us into an action taker.

As an outsider it might feel like a sales pitch to you, to convince you to buy the course, but, as an insider means as an intern of this course I am very sure that he is true in what he says.

Final Words: In my final words I would like to highlight that in this course each lesson is discussed in great detail which will definitely help you to understand better the digital marketing and the different components of digital marketing. And will make you knowledgeable for building the career in this field.

 Start your Enrollment journey : ENROLL HERE

Here is the video link where Deepak Kanakaraju giving an Introduction to the course :

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